Monday, 23 March 2009

Magical Mystery Blog Tour

With literally thousands of new blogs being created every day, there are millions of them out there waiting to be read. When I am viewing my blog page, or anyone else's for that matter, I can't resist having a sneaky peak at what is around the next corner by pressing the "Next Blog" button.

If you keep pressing it, the variety is amazing and the journey you embark upon is never the same twice. If you press the back button and press for the next one again, it won't even be the same as the result you got before. It is so much fun!

From my own blog, I've just visited a Spanish (might have been Portuguese) music blog, a US fire department's blog with some scary house fire photos, a wedding flowers blog with some lovely photos, a French chef's blog, in French naturally, a couple's personal blog with cute baby photo, a violin blog, again in Spanish and finally a blog about shabby chic furniture, which was very interesting.

You could keep going endlessly from blog to blog. Personally I just like a short burst, with only the briefest pause on each one. Having said that, some do catch your eye and you end up quite engrossed reading them. It is definitely worth a try anyway, if you have a spare five minutes!

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