Monday, 16 March 2009

How Many Handbags Is Enough?

The last time I bought a handbag, not very long ago, his nibs said, "Not another bag! You don't need any more!".

Whilst I definitely don't agree with that comment, how many is enough? I would like to think you can never have enough handbags, there will always be a new bag that catches your eye. But at some point it surely falls into the realms of obsession.

I have to be honest, I didn't even know how many handbags I actually had until just now when I went and counted them all. I have 27, not including the stock for the website. 27 lovely handbags that I class as mine, which I use, to varying degrees.

They fall into 4 main categories, every day, evening, travel and slightly out of favour at the moment. Some I bought, one I made and others were gifts. They are all shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours. There are leather, suede, various fabrics and even wool bags. Some of fringed, some of patchwork, some are plain, some are sparkly. And therein lies the root of the matter, you've got to have a bag for every occasion and outfit.

I like a large handbag with lots of pockets and compartments when travelling. A durable leather throw it all in bag for work. When on holiday I prefer a bag that is worn across the body and for an evening out something small and sparkly. I like my bags to compliment my outfit in colour and style whether day or evening and you will always need a plain black leather one.

And so the handbag collection grows, the hook on the back of the bedroom door can't accomodate them any more, so the migrate to the door handle, a hanger in the wardrobe and then another cupboard as well. The trouble is though, you put on an outfit, you look for the right bag and you discover, you just don't have the right one.

It's time to go shopping again!

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