Monday, 16 March 2009

Everything Except The Kitchen Sink!

There are lots of jokes made about the contents of women's handbags. I think that most of us are guilty of carrying around too much. Delve into any woman's bag and you can probably deduce quite a bit about them from the contents. But a handbag is a private place. A place where even long term partners fear to tread, even with prior permission.

Having thought about it, I'm not completely sure what's hiding in my bag. So I have decided to take a peek. In no particular order, the contents of my handbag today are:

Pair of black woolly gloves
Letter to be posted
Packet of tissues
Pink personal organiser and pen
Pink plastic comb
Shopping trolley token
Pot of rose geranium lip balm
Mobile phone
Folded up shopping bag
Elastic band - didn't know that was in there!
USB stick attached to a Mr Funny key-ring
Umbrella cover but no umbrella
Purse with a few coins in plus family photos and library card
Blueberry Bliss herbal tea bag - unused obviously!
Vet receipt
Another packet of tissues
Lavender hand cream
10% discount voucher for a local store
Pink hairbrush
Pink pen - OK so I like pink!
Contact lens comfort drops
Yet another packet of tissues
A bent paperclip
Various keys
Another paperclip in good working order
17 used stamps - they get sold to a dealer by a local charity
Part of a chocolate bar wrapper - now in bin

If I was assessing the person who owned that lot, I would guess practical, organised and someone who likes to be prepared and can lend a helping hand in a minor crisis. Especially if it requires a tissue. Definitely not someone with creative tenancies though!

So that's the contents of my handbag. What have you got in yours and what does it say about you?

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