Monday, 11 January 2010

Things That Make Me Say @£$%&#£!!!!

When I am sewing, there are quite a few things that seem to make me say @£$%&#£!!!!

In the past couple of weeks, I have said it for all of these reasons:
  • Not having the right coloured cotton/ribbon/buttons
  • Not having quite enough ribbon
  • Making a lavender bag inside out
  • Sewing up a lavender bag without any lavender in it
  • Not sewing in a straight line
  • Trying to sew really good heart shapes
  • Leaving an opening so small that I can't turn an item the right way out
  • Running out of cotton part way along a seem
  • Using a different coloured thread on the top and bottom in my machine by mistake
  • Trying to sew in a zip without the zip foot on my machine
  • Forgetting to put the fabric feeder back in place after lowering it for a button
  • Forgetting to change the machine stitch back to straight from zigzag
  • Snapping my sewing machine needle by hitting a pin too hard
  • Loading far too much of a coloured cotton onto the spool
  • Not matching up a pattern very well
  • Losing my ruler
  • Jabbing myself with a needle/pin
  • Sewing a pin into a hidden seam
  • My cat insisting on sitting on my lap whilst I am sewing and then digging claws into my stomach
  • Knocking over my cup of tea whilst sewing
  • Finding out that my pinking shears are really blunt
To be honest, having read through that lot I am amazed I manage to make anything! I'm sure quite of few fellow crafters will know exactly where I am coming from though.

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  1. Ali, you are hilarious! It's hard to resist a cat when they want to sit on your lap but when they dig their claws in - ouch!

    BTW! Our cats LOVE your fabulous catnip toys.

  2. I like your blog! Found you through link love.
    I am now following your blog,
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  3. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in making these kinds of stupid mistakes...i sew too and have made several of the errors!