Saturday, 23 January 2010

Suits You! Tote Bag

A week or so ago I received an enquiry about custom making a Suits You! Tote Bag. I am always happy to try and make custom items, so discussions began between myself and a very sweet customer called Charlotte.

Having seen the Suits You! Tote Bag I had already made, Charlotte was happy with the style and background fabric. The only changes she wanted to make were a zip along the top instead of a magnetic clasp and an inside pocket.

Having established the basic remit, I emailed Charlotte photos of possible neck ties and also shirt fabrics for the lining. I knew she wanted brightly coloured ties but you also need to consider what colours and patterns will look right together. Charlotte chose the ties and lining I would have suggested, so we were obviously on the same wavelength.

I needed to purchase a brown zip for the handbag and remembered that the local hospice shop in town sold haberdashery items. I managed to find a new brown zip in there which was the right weight for the wear and tear of a handbag. It was a bit too long but that didn't matter as I just cut it to length when sewing it in.

Having assembled all of the materials, I spent an afternoon making the handbag. I was actually snowed in all day and couldn't get to work, so it worked out quite well time wise. I don't always use a pattern when making handbags, I just make them up as I go along, adding bits, cutting bits off. That is how I made the original Suits You! Tote Bag, so trying to make another the same shape and size was an interesting task. I did a lot of measuring, a bit of guessing, a bit of cutting and a fair bit of hoping!

In the end, the handbag turned out almost the same size as the original. I deliberately made the handles slightly longer so that Charlotte could carry her bag on her shoulder if she wished. I think the combination of ties she chose worked really well too. Thankfully Charlotte agreed ....

"My lovely bag just arrived and it's amazing! Thank you so much! Charlotte"

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  1. You should do one out of old Gucci ties or vintage couture ties... would be museum worthy :)

  2. Good plan! One of the ones I used on that handbag was an Italian silk one but definitely not Gucci.

  3. I've found your blog now. Your mother's handbag is lovely. I've replied to you on Etsy. I haven't sold much on my shop, but each sale was a little thrill.

  4. LOVING the new tote!
    I have a suprise for you on my blog!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  5. Thanks so much for making that bag, by the way - it's my favourite out of all the bags i own, and that is a lot!

  6. Thanks for the feedback Charlotte, glad you are so pleased with it. Have to say I have got way too many handbags too!

  7. All the designs are mind blowing.But I love the most is the tote bag.It's really nice and eye catching.