Monday, 13 April 2009

Website Updates

I have been making changes to my website over the past few days, partly out of choice and partly out of necessity. Whilst I was reasonably happy with the way it looked, there were a few things that really niggled me, such as only being able to show one photo per item for sale.

I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to the Professional version of the package I use, which actually wasn't that much more money anyway. The cost certainly outweighed the benefits. A lot of my items now show more than one view now which is good but I need to photograph some items again to get more detailed shots.

Having started to change a few things, my site seemed to start unravelling! It was a long time ago now that I designed the original site and I couldn't actually remember how I achieved certain effects. For instance, I couldn't get the background to work for some reason, so had to change it and then it didn't look right with the side bar, so I had to change that!

The upgrade has given some new features which are quite useful though, such as better stock management. Before when an item sold I had to delete it from view, hopefully now it will be taken off automatically when it sells. I have been able to put in stock totals now which is really helpful.

There are still a few issues I need to iron out but hopefully the site doesn't look too bad! Any feedback will be gratefully received!

1 comment:

  1. I love the new website design. It's easy to navigate and the gallery photos are great too! I think all your hard work has paid off. Looks wonderful!