Sunday, 5 April 2009

Blue Applique Tie Bag

I spent this afternoon finishing another tie bag. I cut it out over a week ago and haven't had time to make it up until now. I have to say, not having enough time to make things can be really frustrating. I obviously need to see where I can make more time.

Anyway, this bag is made from a pale blue wool fabric I bought about 20 years ago to make a skirt. I never made the skirt, so the fabric has been sat in my pile for years. The three ties came from a lady at my ceramics class. She had been into patchwork but had decided to change direction. Knowing I made bags, she kindly gave me about 20 mens ties to use. I love using them on bags as I think they look really effective.

I have used both ends of the ties, on each side, and two of the ties have also been used for the handles. The inside of the bag has been lined in a pale mauve cotton, taken from a man's shirt. The front of the bag also features a vintage diamonte brooch to give it a bit of added sparkle and bling.

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  1. I would never have thought to use ties to make a bag. This is a genius idea! I didn't even realise they were ties until I read your blog and now I can see clearly what they are! A marvellous way to recycle! Brilliant!

  2. I'm just making sure I lock my ties away. I may look a bit stupid wearing a handbag round my neck. You are clever though!


  3. Hi

    I love this bag! what a fantastic idea!

    lol @ Hubby :o)
    ..and totally agree very clever!