Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday Serendipity

Don't you love it when you make a mental note to buy something and then prompty stumble across it when you aren't looking? Only one word can sum it up - serendipity.

Having ploughed through a pile of sewing yesterday, I had run out of cream thread and was virtually out of white too, so made a mental note to buy some more in the week. I could have popped out to the supermarket today, which needless to say is open Sundays, but it really wasn't worth it. There were far more pressing things to do, such as take our old mattress to the dump.

My husband and I just about managed to fold our king size mattress in half and shoe horn it into the back of my car and popped down to the dump with it. As I have mentioned before in blog posts, the local dump has a "shop" on site where they sell items on to reduce the waste going to landfill. It is always worth a browse, you just never know what you will find.

Guess what? I found a clear plastic bagged full of cotton thread, a needle threader, safety pins, some elastic and some really strong carpet thread (no idea what that's for though, carpets?). Even better, there was a reel of cream and a reel of white cotton. Not to mention the "silver sand" thread which is always useful! And the cost of my find? A very reasonable 50 pence.

So there we are. Some would call it coincidence. Some would argue I cosmically ordered it. I just call it serendipity.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! You and the charity shops, boot sales and "dump store!" I am ALWAYS so jealous!! You are going to be SO proud of me... John found a thrift store here with FABRIC!! OH MY GOSH!! I could totally get into this!! I am going to blog about it, I'll let you know, since you are my inspiration!! I just wish you were here to go "thrifting" with, we would have such fun!!

  2. I am so pleased I have inspired you to buy fabric from thrift stores! Wish I could pop over for an afternoon shopping too. One day ...

    Found this site which should give you a hand:

  3. Definitely these thrift stores are a worth for some particular occasions..last week only I bought this beautiful clutch from and wanted to give it to a friend as a gift and that's when I thought of going to a nearby thrift store to get that 50 cent gift bag...

  4. Can't beat a thrift store find ;)