Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fête Finds!

It never ceases to amaze me where I stumble across really good fabric, not to mention haberdashery items. I sometimes think I must be subconsciously drawn to material, I just can't stop myself buying it.

Yesterday, I went to the vicarage fête in my sister's village, as I was over there visiting and it was something to do for the afternoon. My nephew and neices somehow managed to empty my purse of money on the variety of tombolas and games!

Quite surprisingly though, amongst the obligatory fête cake and plant stalls, various tombolas and raffle, there was a stall selling fabric remnants, old buttons, bits of ribbon, cross stitch kits and other odd bits of haberdashery. A quick rummage revealed a fabulous length of gold furnishing fabric about 2 metres long by 70cm wide which only cost me £2.00.

After another look a bit later, I ended up with a packet of large sewing needles which are always useful for wool projects, two skeins of embroidery silk which I had been meaning to buy to repair a vintage handbag and finally a hook for rag rugging. Whilst I will probably never actually get around to making a rag rug, it's a project I always seem to have in the back of my mind. The total cost for that little lot was 20 pence. What a complete bargain!

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  1. TOO COOL!! I so need to save my pennies and come visit you, so you can take me to all of these amazing places you go!! I RARELY find anything as great as you find!
    Hope you're having a SUPER Sunday!! Our neighbor's are here for a barbeque... with their two little girls, age 3 and 4!! I so miss little girls, though I have a feeling they are going to tire me out!!

  2. Save up and come over, would love to see you!