Monday, 18 May 2009

Doorstop Delight!

One of my favourite homewares to make, although I do enjoy making all of my items, is doorstops. I think I like making them because they are quite straightforward and don't require much planning.

I tend to make triangular ones, although I have made a couple of cube ones as a special order in the past. The cubes were definitely more tricky as there are more seams to line up with each other.

All of the doorstops I have sold in the past have been filled and sewn up but as they weigh up to a kilo, they would be too costly to post. I have now redesigned them with a short zip in the base so that I can post them empty and allow customers to fill them up themselves. The doorstops can be simply filled with rice, lentils, barley and the like and zipped up securely.

Having solved the postage problem, I am happily making doorstops to add to my website. Spotty ones are definitely one of my favourite designs.

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